For Common Good

Few experiences are so satisfying or so profitable as settling differences quickly, inexpensively, and to mutual benefit. Magic offers reconciliation and mediation services based upon decades of experience assisting thousands of people to resolve conflict for mutual benefit.

What Are My Alternatives?

People respond to conflict in many ways. Some try to ignore it. Others negotiate, with or without outside assistance. Some wage psychological battles, or resort to harassment or physical violence. Others submit to non-binding or binding arbitration, or file civil or criminal complaints.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral person—the mediator—assists people in resolving conflict.

A skilled mediator enables disputants to see their own and each other's interests more clearly, and to discover solutions which are advantageous to all. Unlike arbitrators or judges—both of whom decide outcomes—a mediator assists parties in settling matters themselves.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation has advantages over other approaches. More than 80% of mediated disputes end in agreement. Terms of these agreements are more often fulfilled than are those of settlements imposed by a court. Mediation is faster and less expensive than litigation, and it is confidential, so your dispute stays out of court records.

You retain flexibility to create solutions that suit your circumstances. You also have opportunity to establish or repair relationships with other parties.

You gain skill and confidence in resolving disputes. You lessen the stress which comes with being in conflict or having someone else imposing a judgment on you. Finally, you preserve your options to arbitrate or to sue if you reach an impasse.


Please come prepared to present your views. Bring any supporting documents or other material which may be useful in clarifying the situation. In cases where stakes are high or issues are complex, Magic may require clients to retain legal, tax, or other expert counsel.


Fees are paid in advance for an eight-hour day. Any amount unused, less our four-hour minimum, is refunded. The majority of mediations are concluded within a single day. Magic is a public benefit corporation which waives or adjusts its fees as public interest warrants.


David Schrom is Magic's principal mediator. He graduated from Yale Law School in 1971. Since founding Magic in 1979 he has facilitated resolution of hundreds of family, neighborhood, and commercial disputes, including complex and bitter multi-party conflicts among people of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

David has taught about genetic and cultural bases for aggression and altruism, and about cooperative conflict resolution at Stanford University, at Bay Area schools, and in business and community settings.