Movement Magic℠

Many of us have been sedentary since early childhood. If we begin to walk, run, swim, or bicycle for fitness, we often lack awareness requisite to moving well. A skilled trainer can guide us in learning to move with effectiveness and ease. Hundreds of diverse people—young and old, elite athlete and severely limited—who have realized their aspirations to swim, run, or bicycle better, or simply to do these things at all, during more than a quarter century of Movement Magic℠ bear witness to this.

Movement Magic℠ participants benefit from an ecological approach in which Magic instructors integrate principles of physics, physiology, and psychology to induce relaxation, increase kinesthetic and emotional awareness, and accelerate learning of effective technique. In group classes and in one-on-one instruction, students progress along unique, individually-tailored paths, where next steps are easy extensions of skills already mastered.

We offer Movement Magic℠ to assist people in becoming more adaptive—healthy in a broad sense. Although Magic instructors present myriad ideas pertinent to bio-mechanical technique, and students consistently develop greater proficiency, most Movement Magic℠ participants come to view mastery of technique as an inevitable consequence, rather than as a primary objective. This shift in attitude is born of realization that in learning to move, as in any experience, we may find partial answers to questions like: "Who am I?" "To what purposes do I live?" and "How do I know these things?"

More accurate perceptions of how we are, why we are this way, and how else we might be are both a benefit of, and a prerequisite to many kinds of successful adaptation. With such meta-learning we become better able to challenge and overthrow maladaptive habits of a lifetime to produce deep and lasting change. Many Movement Magic℠ participants report dramatic positive shifts in attitude, greater satisfaction at work and play, and better relationships with people in many spheres of their lives.

Movement Magic℠ is sustained by voluntary gift. Current instruction is funded by those who have learned before. Participants are invited to contribute so that others may benefit as they have.

Please direct inquiries to Robin Bayer. You can find more information about how we teach swimming, and to some degree other movement by looking at Swimming Magic, in our Publications Catalog.