Supporting Magic

Each year Magic is generously supported by hundreds of volunteers and other donors whose gifts of labor, material, and money typically account for about half of its income. Magic uses these contributions to accomplish work which we consider crucial to human well-being, but which is given short shrift by others. Our programs to demonstrate the benefits of bringing human values into harmony with ecological principle are examples. By their gifts donors evidence understanding that the well-being of any of us is inextricably connected to the well-being of others.

Magic derives about half of its income from those who receive its services. We ask people who request Magic services and reap personal benefit from them to contribute something equivalent to what they, themselves earn. Where this will be contrary to public interest we negotiate work- or other in-kind exchange, or waive payment entirely.

A typical suggested donation for an hour of Magic services is approximately one-tenth of one percent of a client's annual earnings. When Magic serves an institution or group, or when a team of Magic personnel deliver services, we request that clients take this into account. By giving to Magic, those whom we serve affirm that they value what they have received, and provide wherewithal for Magic to generate benefit for others.

Donors, clients, and others who appreciate what Magic is and does contribute to its strength by drawing attention to its achievements. Since Magic relies almost entirely upon word-of-mouth to elicit support, all who speak appreciatively of it are critical to our continuing success.

We consider the structure and operation of Magic to be vehicles for demonstrating the principles on which it was founded. By relying heavily upon gift, freely giving many of our services, and cooperatively negotiating fees based upon clients' ability to pay, we aim to exemplify some of the ways that we apply the methods and principles of ecology to discover and to further the common interests of humankind. If you find the model we are developing at Magic worthy, we will welcome all that you do to make it more robust. Magic exists today only because those who associated with it in the past gave to it more than they took away.

Donation Levels

Here are some penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar-a-day choices: