Light on Water

One warm spring day in 1990, a Stanford University civil engineering professor lectured about impending water shortages and about how pumping water is the single largest use of electricity in California. Robin Bayer, then a Stanford undergraduate and now Magic's president, glanced out the classroom window and saw sprinklers throwing their streams through fifty feet of hot, dry air. At that moment she resolved to bring the lessons of her classroom to the operations of the university, and Light on Water was born.

Since that time, we've expanded the purposes of Light on Water. Our aims now are to:

  1. illuminate the importance of water to human life and the ecological constraints upon human use of water, and
  2. provide research, consulting, and advocacy to promote ecologically sound water resource stewardship.

Magic's accomplishments to date include:

Ongoing Projects

We are currently:

If you or someone you know may want to support or participate in Light on Water, we will appreciate hearing from you.